We Are So Sorry For Your Loss

We are so very sorry for the loss of your beloved child to SIDS and we know firsthand how deeply and profoundly this is affecting your life. There are few words that anyone can say that will give you any semblance of peace in your heart, as we know that you are struggling to find answers to your many questions about how this could happen to you in a time when medicine and science have seemingly come so far. At times you will find that there are many more questions than there are answers. Perhaps you are feeling that science and medicine have failed you and your child. You are experiencing a level of grief that you did not think was possible and that you think will never go away. You are grieving and hopefully allowing yourself the space and time that is necessary for you and your needs on this arduous journey. You need never do this alone. You will see below that there are many people and places to share and process your grief – places where you will be comforted and understood, inspired and embraced. Rest assured that we are walking beside you at every moment and that we are honoring your feelings, your lost child, and where you are at this time on your journey.