Studies Show

Hannah C. Kinney, M.D., Previous Associate Professor of Pathology at Harvard Medical School was the lead SIDS researcher at Children’s Hospital in Boston. She was engaged in an aggressive effort to find answers stating, “Findings provide evidence that SIDS is not a mystery but a disorder that we can investigate with scientific methods, and some day, may be able to identify and treat.”

Hannah’s colleagues continue to further her research and testing that is being recognized around the world. The important and time-consuming research being conducted by the team at Boston Children’s Hospital is dependent upon the interest, dedication, and ongoing support of private donations from various sources including the National institute of Child Health, SIDS organizations (like Avé’s Hope) and, of course, SIDS families such as ours who honor the memory of our children taken from us by this devastating, mysterious, and unexplained disorder.

Information on the research that we are investing in can be found at Boston Children’s Hospital’s website.